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Infrastructure, regional development and industrial development:
the role of Carnia Industrial Park

From the Consortium for the Industrial Development of the Middle Tagliamento River to Carnia Industrial Park

Created to promote the socio-economic growth of Carnia, a mountainous area of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Carnia Industrial Park is now a hub of companies and high value-added services committed to the creation of the ideal conditions for the establishment of new businesses and for the competitive development of the existing ones. Carnia Industrial Park includes over 180 companies located in three industrial areas of competence (Tolmezzo, Amaro and Villa Santina) for a total of approximately 3,600 workers. The geographical region covered by the Park has an urbanized area of 247.50 hectares, with innovative technological and IT networks, traffic systems and modern industrial plants built in full compliance with environmental sustainability and energy-saving standards and requirements.
The Consortium
Carnia Industrial Park was established in 1964. Its original name was Consortium for Industrial Development of the Middle Tagliamento; it aimed to promote the socio-economic development of the Northern part of Friuli, and in particular the three industrial zones of Tolmezzo, Amaro and Villa Santina. In 1999 the Consortium became a Public Economic Entity and assumed the name of Consortium for the Industrial Development of Tolmezzo. Since then it has been playing the role of a programmer and land use planner, parcelling off and urbanizing building areas available to the productive sector, providing the most innovative technological and IT systems and constructing not only industrial buildings but also renewable energy power plants. From 2016, thanks to the industrial policy reform put in place by the Regional Law n. 3/2015 "RilancimpresaFVG", the new Consortium for Tolmezzo’s Local Economic Development "Carnia Industrial Park", has been acting as a local development agency, within a regional industrial policy framework geared to the enhancement of the manufacturing vocation of the whole of Carnia mountain district.
Villa Recla
Carnia Industrial Park is located in the historic Villa built after WWI by the solicitor Emilio Recla. In the 50’s and 60’s the building was home to the Command of the Fire Brigade but was then abandoned following the serious damage caused by an earthquake in 1976. The Consortium acquired the property in 2002 and launched a series of renovation works which preserved the original aesthetic ornaments and silhouette of the Villa. The building currently hosts a number of offices used by the staff of Carnia Industrial Park; it also boasts a conference room, with a max. capacity of 60 people, equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment and available for hire for events, meetings and seminars.
The Territory
Carnia Industrial Park operates in Carnia, a geographical area of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Carnia has a distinctive historical, cultural and administrative identity. The area is surrounded by the Carnic Alps and lies in the northwestern part of the province of Udine; it is bordered by the Austrian region of Carinthia to the north, by the province of Pordenone to the south, by Veneto to the west and by Canal del Ferro-Valcanale valley to the east; it covers an area of approx. 1,222 square kilometers (15.6% of the entire Friuli Venezia Giulia Region). It has been inhabited for thousands of years by a population that has never lost its pride of belonging, and now it has about 39,880 residents (3.3% of the regional population) living in 28 municipalities: Amaro, Ampezzo, Arta Terme, Cavazzo Carnico, Cercivento, Comeglians, Enemonzo, Forni Avoltri, Forni di Sopra, Forni di Sotto, Lauco, Ligosullo, Ovaro, Paluzza, Paularo, Prato Carnico, Preone, Ravascletto, Raveo, Rigolato, Sauris, Socchieve, Sutrio, Tolmezzo, Treppo Carnico, Verzegnis, Villa Santina, Zuglio.
Carnia Industrial Park
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