Strategic areas

The three dimensions of industrial development

Carnia Industrial Park intervenes in three strategic areas. Activities range from the efficient management of industrial areas to the enhancement of their capacities for the establishment of further businesses, from the provision of services in support of industrial activities to the development of partnerships and relationships that favour the spreading of innovation and internationalization among the firms. The goal is to help the local production system to become an increasingly competitive system able to fit in large economic systems.
Infrastructure and construction projects
Management of industrial areas which are attractive, by size and quality of supply, to the establishment of new manufacturing plants, through both the strengthening of the dimensional and infrastructural capacities and the improvement in the quality of industrial buildings.
Carnia Industrial Park offers industrial areas and intends to strengthen its capacity of entrepreneurial settlement starting from the dimensional level, intervening on the infrastructure, on the quality and efficiency of the management, introducing technological innovations and implementing the best national and international standards.
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Services in support of industrialization
Effective and efficient solutions for the management of all operational activities of the companies established within the Park: reduction of response times, increase of negotiating capacity for access to services, innovation in the delivery of efficient, rapid and uninterrupted essential services.
Carnia Industrial Park offers a wealth services in support of industrialization within a consortium approach aimed at achieving economies of scale. These services support the operations of the firms located within the Park and range from utilities activation and management to flow management and goods handling, from connectivity and communication systems to staff recruitment, from systems management and security procedures to waste management, access to insurance and financial services.
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Development services
Promotion and implementation of major projects for the evolution into new markets and technologies, through partnerships which are crucial for the improvement of the fundraising capacity and for the development of the medium-term industrial policy.
By promoting organised partnerships, Carnia Industrial Park offers a range of high value-added services to support the development of the firms located within the Park. From services for product and process innovation, to services for market development and internationalization, to services for the promotion and integration of enabling technologies (IOT).
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