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03 Oct

Aesthetical and functional enhancement of the CARNIA Exit roundabout and its surrounding area, just off the A23-motorway

PORTA DELLA CARNIA is a contest conceived and promoted by Carnia Industrial Park – the Local Economic Development Consortium of Tolmezzo, addressed to Italian or foreign freelancers, listed on their respective Professional Registers: engineers, architects or multidisciplinary groups composed of designers, creative professionals, urban artists including at least one engineer or architect listed on the relevant Professional Register. The contest is aimed at defining and enhancing the design and the viability of the roundabout located in Amaro, at the "Carnia" Exit off the A23-motorway. The roundabout marks the entry into the Friuli Venezia Giulia’s geographical area called Carnia.
The aim of the competition is to gather architectural, urbanistic, as well as conceptual proposals, linked to the territorial and cultural context, in order to improve the safety and the viability of the area, while also enhancing the look and feel of this gateway to the region, where in 2016 approximately a transit of 3 million motor vehicles was recorded.
In order to reach the objectives of the competition, a project and binding vision of the work itself is required, along with a concept which will focus on building an “integrated” development system for the local cultural heritage, landscape and territorial resources.

Carnia is an historic territory of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, which is located in the northeast of Italy. It is an environmentally distinctive land with a precise historical, cultural and administrative identity. Surrounded by the Carnic Alps, it is located in the north-western part of the Province of Udine, bordering to the north with the Austrian Carinthia region, to the south with the province of Pordenone, to the west by the Veneto and to the east with the Canal di Ferro-Valcanale district; it covers an area of about 1.200 sq. km, 15% of the entire regional territory.
It has been inhabited for thousands of years by a population with a strong identity; nowadays 40.000 ca. people reside in Carnia (3% of the regional population) spread across 28 municipalities: Amaro, Ampezzo, Arta Terme, Cavazzo Carnico, Cercivento, Comeglians, Enemonzo, Forni Avoltri, Forni of Sopra, Forni di Sotto, Lauco, Ligosullo, Ovaro, Paluzza, Paularo, Prato Carnico, Preone, Ravascletto, Raveo, Rigolato, Sauris, Socchieve, Sutrio, Tolmezzo, Treppo Carnico, Verzegnis, Villa Santina, Zuglio.
Amaro is the first of the Carnic municipalities and is located at the exit of the "Carnia-Tolmezzo" Exit, off the A23 motorway.

From 2016, thanks to the industrial policy reform put in place by the Regional Law n. 3/2015 "RilancimpresaFVG", the new Consortium for Tolmezzo’s Local Economic Development "Carnia Industrial Park", has been acting as a local development agency, within a regional industrial policy framework focused on enhancing the manufacturing vocation of the whole of Carnia mountain district.

Carnia Industrial Park is a competitive and integrated territorial system of companies, institutions and industrial development services, in a prime environmental context, with an ideal geographical location for the northern and eastern Europe markets: infrastructure, industrialization and development services aimed at businesses with a strong vocation to growth can all be found in this area.
Carnia Industrial Park is currently an urbanised area of 247,50 hectares, where more than 200 companies and more than 3.500 people operate, with innovative technological and IT networks, traffic systems and modern industrial plants built in full compliance with environmental sustainability and energy-saving standards and requirements. This is a productive and economic cluster which aims to become a regional point of reference for the manufacturing industry.
For more information about Carnia Industrial Park's activity:

In order to participate in the PORTA DELLA CARNIA ideas contest, the single competitor or the referent of the multidisciplinary team will have to submit their design ideas to the Platform of the Competition realized by the Bologna Order of the Architects, either directly or through the web site, according to the procedures therein specified.
Each competitor may only present one idea, whether participating individually, or as a component of a group, anonymously and in a digital format, and the document shall fully demonstrate and describe the design proposal. Participants' anonymity will be guaranteed throughout the Contest by the encrypted platform security system.
The official language of the competition is Italian; any request for clarification (to be submitted by October 24, 2017) as well as the competition papers (to be delivered within and not later than 12:00 on December 5, 2017, upon enrollment) must be written in Italian, exclusively using the decimal metric system.

Considering the objectives of the Idea Competition PORTA DELLA CARNIA, (i.e. the enhancement of the territorial, cultural and landscaping context, together with the improvement and rationalization of pedestrian and road links), the evaluation elements of the projects will take into account: the needs expressed in the Call for Proposals; the functional requirements and innovative aspects; the quality of the project and the aesthetic, landscape and architectural features; the technical/economic sustainability of the project.

The Contest will end on February, 2018, following the work of the Adjudicating Commission (composed of a professor appointed by the University of Udine, who will serve as President; an architect and an engineer identified among the professionals indicated by their respective Orders of Udine; a representative of the companies established in the area, identified among those named by the Consortium Advisory Committee and an employee of the Consortium Technical Office, who will serve as Commissioner) with a ranking of merit and with the allocation of prizes and awards of € 5.000 - 1st place, € 3.000 - 2nd place and € 2.000 - 3rd place.
The top ten ranked, after successful completion of the verification of the participant’s requirements, will receive a Good Performance Award Certificate, which can be used at curriculum level, both in terms of participation requirements and technical merit, under the procedures for the award of contracts for architecture and engineering services.
In case of implementation of the intervention, the winner of the competition, after negotiated procedure without the prior publication of a contract notice, will be entrusted with the technical and economic feasibility project.

Upon conclusion of the Contest, Carnia Industrial Park will publish in the dedicated section of the website all the project proposals presented and will display to the public, through a temporary exhibition, the top 10 rankings, quoting the name of the authors and their co-workers, with, possibly, a presentation of an extract in the Competition Catalogue or in other publications. 

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