Carnia Industrial Park

An industrial park that houses more than 180 companies located in three areas - Tolmezzo, Amaro and Villa Santina - different in their history, industrial vocation and specialization. This is an area of nearly 250 hectares where there are some industries and businesses with a very high growth potential.

An Industrial Park inserted in a very valuable naturalistic context, situated at the crossroads of important transport routes between Northern and Eastern Europe

With an ideal geographical location for the Northern and Eastern European markets, located on the cross-border area between Italy, Austria and Slovenia, Carnia Industrial Park is a strategic hub for all economic, social and political networks across the area. Being a local economic development body, the Park offers to the manufacturing industry several production areas, all equipped in accordance with the highest building and environmental standards, as well as facility management services available to the companies settled within the Park and innovative projects capable of attracting private and community resources.

The Park

The Consortium operates
mainly on three areas
that differ in environmental
and industrial vocation impact.
Carnia Industrial Park
Carnia Industrial Park is not the typical Italian suburban industrial area and it is structured as an Industrial Park; it is also a local economic development body which aims to become a manufacturing industry point of reference for the entire Carnia territory.
The urban development and land-use planning activities of Carnia Industrial Park can be seen in the Intra-regional Spatial Plan: through this service and with its multiannual business plan the Park has created and programmed initiatives pointing towards the characterization of the territory as a multifunctional and multi-service area, taking into account the characteristics that distinguish industrial conglomerates.
Located at the confluence of the seven Carnic valleys and surrounded by the Eastern Tolmezzine Alps, Tolmezzo is the most important centre of Carnia and is considered its capital. Carnia Industrial Park HQ as well as all Carnia’s main institutions are situated in Tolmezzo. This area is characterised by strong entrepreneurial and manufacturing activities and since the war it has experienced intense industrial growth especially in the mechanical and electronic industries. Covering approximately 143 hectares completely urbanized and equipped with innovative technological, IT and road networks, it represents 57.74% of the areas of the Intra-regional Spatial Plan and currently houses 110 companies with an estimation of over 2,000 employees.
Positioned at the exit of the A23 Carnia-Tolmezzo motorway, Amaro is the first of the municipalities that one comes upon when entering Carnia.
Through the southern sector diking and securing works carried out by the Consortium, the area that falls within the Carnia Industrial Park cognizance has now reached 655000 square meters in size, and represents the 26,46% of the Intra-regional Spatial Plan.
Amaro industrial area, is home to intense entrepreneurial, manufacturing, craft and trade activities, with a total of 48 companies that employ more than 1,000 workers. Today it is strongly characterized by innovative companies and aspires to become the technological centre of Carnia, also thanks to the presence of Consorzio Innova FVG.
Villa Santina
Situated in a large valley that stretches until Tolmezzo, Villa Santina is now a dynamic manufacturing, handicraft and agriculture centre. Despite being the smallest of the consortium territory (15,80% of the Intra-regional Spatial Plan zone), through the actions of enclosure in the north part and thanks to the overall improvement works carried out by Carnia Industrial Park, this industrial area covers today 391,000 square meters and it is home to 23 companies employing about 250 workers.
Historically specialized in the timber sector, it is currently developing as a multi-sectoral centre with companies in the food, mechanical and plant engineering sectors.
Established Companies
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